Facts About Iron Man, Tony Stark’s Superhero Identity

Here are the amazing facts about Iron Man

Facts About Iron Man – Tony Stark is one of the most-loved character in Marvel Cinematic Universe and his superhero identity is Iron Man.

Before making it to the big screen, this superhero movie was in development for many years. Based on the article in Mental Floss, several studios were developing this. In the 1990s, Fox was developing this. The studio made Marvel movies like The X-Men and The Fantastic Four.

In 2000, it had landed at New Line Pictures. From that, the movie project bounced from one writer to another. However, New Line executive Bob Shaye was not a fan of the concept. For him, it was not sensible that a heavy suit would make a man fly. Marvel let New Line’s option to the character expire in 2005 as it was planning to launch their new studio plan.

facts about iron man

Iron Man was the first movie made by Marvel Studios nad it is because of kids. The studio’s main goal was to sell toys based on its characters. Initially, Marvel wanted to kick the slate of films off with Captain America but it was able to acquire the rights over Iron Man and Hulk, which were previously made by Universal Pictures. Kids were given a crash course in the characters, including their images and power, and the winner was Iron Man. Because of this, Tony Stark became the first Marvel Cinematic Universe star.

Before Robert Downey Jr. was given a chance to play the superhero character, several actors were considered. Tom Cruise was among them. New Line considered Nicholas Cage. When Marvel got the right, Colin Farrell and Patrick Dempsey were considered. It was director Jon Favreau, as well as producer Kevin Feige who believed that Robert Downey Jr. was the right man for the role.

For the screen test, Robert Downey Jr. showed up wearing a tuxedo. Feige and Favreau believed that Downey fits the role despite his personal struggles because it will reflect with the character of Tony Stars. This is aside from the fact that Downey is a talented actor.

Downey was not the first star to be part of the cast. It was Terrence Howard, who played Tony Stark’s best friend Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes.

Marvel intended to make The Mandarin, a scientist and megalomaniac who wields 10 powerful rings made from alien technology, as the first villain.

There were a lot of improvisation in the movie. The studio had the ability to make sequel upon sequel and the certain lighthearted tone was felt in all Marvel movies. It was said that Downey was fond of injecting his humor into the superhero drama and this was encouraged by Favreau.

Iron Man was a surprise box office hit. The movie earned $100 million estimate domestically during its opening weekend alone, and $585 million worldwide was cleared by the time it left theaters. Another amazing Marvel movie that will surely entertain you is the Black Panther.

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