Black Panther: Amazing Facts About The Marvel Movie

Here are the amazing facts about the Black Panther movie

Black Panther – Marvel Studios introduced this superhero character when T’Challa appeared in Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

Two years after that, the standalone movie was released with Chadwick Boseman giving life to the superhero and it received a warm welcome from Marvel fans. The character’s first comic book appearance was in 1966 and it took so many years before it was released on the big screen.

The movie was actually first attempted to be created in the mid-90s with Wesley Snipes as the lead star, based on the article in Mental Floss. However, back then, the right script, the right director, and the right technology were not yet found.

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Director Ryan Coogler only agreed to direct this film if he would bring his production team to the project and Marvel allowed him. He shared that the French indie film A Prophet was his inspiration in creating Black Panther.

With the CGI tech capabilities, every scene looked amazing. The set was turned into a real Wakanda and they were able to do an amazing trick of making horses look like rhinoceros.

In this film, more cars were wrecked than what was wrecked in 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) and Fast & Furious (2001). It was about 3000, which is the number of prosthetic nodes Michael B. Jordan had to wear to create Killmonger’s scarification. 

The famous Black Panther Wakanda Forever salute earned a life on its own beyond the movie. Coogler shared that the fictional salute was based on the way pharaohs are buried and some West African sculptures, with the bonus of meaning “hug” in American Sign Language. 

The movie is considered one of the highest-grossing movies of all time with $1.3 billion in earnings globally. Unfortunately, Chadwick Boseman died on August 28, 2020, and there were calls from Marvel fans that the production company recast the role for Black Panther 2. However, the story continued after T’Challa’s death.

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