Chihuahua – Some Useful Facts About This Dog Breed

What should you know about a chihuahua before getting one?

CHIHUAHUA is one of the most famous small breed of dogs loved by many and here are some things to know about this cute furry companion.

Pugs and chihuahuas are among the well-loved small dog breeds easy to cuddle with. Pugs have distinct features such as bug eyes, curly tails, squished faces, and skin folds. What makes a pug even more adorable is its active, endearing, affectionate, and eager-to-please kind of personality.

How about the chihuahuas? What should you know before you get one from this dog breed?

Here are some details about this breed’s temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information.

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This dog is known for being so little but has a big personality. They are tiny but their best personality includes being comical, entertaining, expressive, quirky, and loyal. This dog is active and can be quite playful. It is so tiny it just weighs around 3 to 6 pounds. They are about about 5-9 inches.

Their distinct appearance is small body, pointed ears, and big expressive eyes. The two body types are apple head (shorter, with a round head and eyes set close) and deer head (taller, with a flat-topped head and eyes set wide).

Pros and Cons

easy to pick up
comes in different coats and colors
entertaining and quirky
very loyal
doesn’t need much exercise
longer life span compared to other breeds
best breed for apartment living
low grooming needs
portable due to their small size
physically fragile
needs extra attention and supervision
barks a lot
can develop a nasty behavior if babies or spoiled

They can live from 12 to 18 years and their coat can either be short or long and are prone to certain health conditions, such as luxating patellas (kneecap problems), intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

The smallest one is named Miracle Milly. She was born in 2011 and was just 2 ounces (57 grams) and 2.5 inches (6.4 cm)

Meanwhile, the other dog breeds that are famous in the Philippines are beagles, poodles, pugs, golden retrievers, Siberian huskies, shih tzus, chihuahuas, German shepherds, Dobermans, and labrador retrievers.

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