Jigsaw Puzzles: How These Recreational Games Are Made

This is how Jigsaw Puzzles are made

Jigsaw Puzzles are among the most popular recreational games that people of different ages play all over the world.

A jigsaw puzzle is also called a tiling puzzle. This requires a player to assemble often irregularly shaped interlocking and mosaicked pieces. Each of these pieces is typically a portion of a picture. Have you ever wondered how these puzzles are made?

Based on the article in Mental Floss, there are several ways how to make a jigsaw puzzle. Traditionally, this kind of puzzle was made using the jigsaw, commonly called a scroll saw.

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Today, one of the methods being used to make jigsaw puzzles is by using metal template grids. This is used for mass production. First, a cutting die (a sharp metal outline) is made and this emulates that jigsaw cut. Through this, you can stamp out countless cardboard puzzles.

Traditional woodworkers still use jigsaw to cut this puzzle. This woodcutter created an elk jigsaw puzzle using some plywood, a computer printout, and a scroll saw.

In some instances, a unique way of making this puzzle. Steve Richardson who designs incredibly challenging jigsaw puzzles using an X-ACTO knife said, “They pay me to drive them crazy.” He calls himself Tormenter-in-Chief. He has famous clients such as the Gates family, the Bush family, and the royal family of Great Britain, and many more.

His company sells about 3,600 puzzles per year and they are all handmade. Richardson’s puzzles come with a “clown” piece which is the company’s logo.

With the advancement of technology, lasers are now being used to design jigsaw puzzles. The following video showed that the laser does all the vertical cuts first (with little oscillations to get the wiggles in), then the horizontal cuts. During the horizontal cutting stage, the pieces pop out.

Another technique used to create this puzzle is random cuts. Images are selected first, then, photographed or scanned, and edited to make them fit for a jigsaw puzzle image. After that, the random cutting is down.

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