German Shepherd – Here Are Some Details About This Breed

German Shepherd

What should you know about German Shepherd? Check out some details below! German Shepherd is large, agile, muscular, highly intelligent, and loyal dogs and here are some more details about this dog breed. German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the Philippines. This breed is in the herding breed group which … Read more

Large Dog Breeds – The Gentle Giants You Need

Large Dog Breeds

Here are some of the best large dog breeds for you because good dogs come in all sizes. LARGE DOG BREEDS – There is always something endearing about these gentle giants and here are some breeds that will surely appeal you. The large dogs, at the end of the day, are just as cuddly just like … Read more

Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed – What Are These?

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

Find out what dog breeds that don’t shed below! We know dogs shed a lot but there are also a lot of dog breeds that don’t and here are some you probably don’t know yet. Your fur-ever friend often makes you sneeze because of their shedding but not all breeds do this. There are breeds … Read more