Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed – What Are These?

Find out what dog breeds that don’t shed below!

We know dogs shed a lot but there are also a lot of dog breeds that don’t and here are some you probably don’t know yet.

Your fur-ever friend often makes you sneeze because of their shedding but not all breeds do this. There are breeds that we call “hypoallergenic dogs” or the kinds that are fitting for people with allergies to have as a pet.

And you won’t have to choose from one option as there are a lot of popular dog breeds that fall under this category. These breeds are not just perfect for those with allergies but for small children as well. Now, what are these dogs with minimal shedding? Check out the list below to help you determine which breed is the best for you!

  • Yorkshire Terrier
    This lap dog is the best of both as it does not shed much and also does not smell much. This kind of breed weighs between three pounds to seven pounds. They are also independent, smart, and affectionate.
Yorkshire Terrier
Photo from American Kennel Club
  • Bichon Frise
    They are small, sturdy, friendly, and kid-friendly dogs. They have great personalities and one of the best things about them is that they shed barely. What they just need on a regular basis is brushing and grooming to keep their fur healthy, clean, and mat-free.
Bichon Frise
Photo from American Kennel Club
  • Boston Terrier
    What to expect from this breed? Of course, they shed lightly. They have this dignified appearance and they have this nickname, “the American Gentleman”. Apart from shedding significantly less than other breeds, their coat is also low maintenance.
Boston Terrier
Photo from American Kennel Club
  • Maltese
    This breed may be small in size but they have big personalities that you will surely love about them. They don’t shed a lot and they don’t have an undercoat.
Photo from American Kennel Club
  • Poodles
    This breed has three varieties – toy, miniature, and standard. They are not hairless but they do shed lesser compared to other breeds. A potential drawback though is that they require regular grooming, They are also considered among the smartest dogs.
Photo from American Kennel Club
  • Bedlington Terrier
    This breed and a sheep have uncanny similarities. This dog is energetic, loyal, and kid-friendly and their curly coat doesn’t do much shedding. They would need brushing to prevent matting.
Bedlington Terrier
Photo from American Kennel Club

Apart from the breeds mentioned above, there are actually a lot more and find out more of this type through this video:

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