Misconceptions About Cats: Let’s Debunk These “Tales”

misconceptions about cats

Here are the misconceptions about cats that should be debunked These are the common misconceptions about cats that most people might believe are true when it comes to the behaviors of their feline pets. The first misconception is that your cat wants to kill your baby. An old belief states that you must keep your … Read more

6 Amazing Dolphin Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Dolphin Facts 2

Here’s 6 Amazing Dolphin Facts That Will Surprise You DOLPHIN FACTS – Here are six (6) fascinating facts regarding dolphins that you may not be aware of. Dolphins hold a special place in people’s hearts due to their intelligence, charming vocalizations, friendliness toward humans, and even their love for surfing. Yet, beyond these entertaining qualities, … Read more

Baby Elephants: Here’s Reason Behind Newborn Elephants’ Trunk-S*cking Behavior

Baby Elephants 1

This Explains Why Baby Elephants S*cking Their Trunks BABY ELEPHANTS – This article will explain why baby elephants have a fondness for suckling on their trunks. Images of baby elephants always create excitement on the internet, but photographs capturing them appearing to s*ck on their trunks never cease to enthrall viewers. This raises the question … Read more

Bryde’s Whale: Know More About This Sea Giant

bryde's whale

These are the fun facts about Bryde’s Whale Bryde’s Whale – Bryde’s (pronounced “broodus”) whales are members of the baleen whale family and they are considered one of the “great whales” or rorqual. In this group, it is joined by blue whales and humpback whales. They are usually found in warm, temperate oceans including the … Read more