Misconceptions About Cats: Let’s Debunk These “Tales”

Here are the misconceptions about cats that should be debunked

These are the common misconceptions about cats that most people might believe are true when it comes to the behaviors of their feline pets.

The first misconception is that your cat wants to kill your baby. An old belief states that you must keep your baby away from the cat because it might climb on the crib and upon smelling the milk in the baby’s mouth, it will steal the baby’s breath.

If the cat climbs the crib, more probably that the animal just wants to be next to something warm. However, for safety purposes, it is advisable to keep the cat away from sleeping small babies, based on a video by Mental Floss.

misconceptions about cats

The next misconception is that cats do not care about humans. Felines are often referred to as cold-hearted creatures because they are not as warm as pet dogs. However, it does not mean that cats do not have affection toward their owner. Cats have other ways to show their affection like headbutts or headbunts.

It is also a misconception that black cats are less likely to be adopted. Black cats somehow have a bad reputation, especially for those who believe in superstitious beliefs and think they are bad luck. Based on a 2013 ASPCA study, black cats also have high adoption rates.

When it comes to the color of the cats, people also tend to have certain perceptions like orange cats are more friendly while white cats are more shy. A 2012 study published in the journal Anthrozoos stated that colors do not affect the cat’s behavior.

Some people believe that a cat’s purring means that it is happy. A theory suggests that cats do this to improve their bone density or help repair their bones.

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