Witch Dog – Facts About Philippines’ Rare “Asong Gubat”

What’s it like to have a pet witch dog or ‘asong gubat’?

WITCH DOG or the rare “asong gubat” of the Philippines is real and here are some facts about this dog which could be 36,000 years old.

Here’s everything we know about the “asong gubat” or the witch dog. This is called “aso ng gubat” and “tiger dog” in Bukidnon, “bird catcher” in Luzon and “witch dog” in the Visayas. It could be 36,000 years old and has features like dark-brown coat with unique black stripes and sharp claws.

It does not breed with other dog breeds.

Witch Dog
Photo from Tom Asmus

This dog can climb trees and even hunt cobra, one of the most venomous snakes in the world. They are capable of surviving on jungle vegetation. As mentioned above, the fact that it refuses to mate with dogs other than its own kind makes this one the purest native breed in the country.

Since they live in the wild, domestically raising them could be a complicated job as they can have little or no resistance to common domesticated canine illnesses. It also has an impeccable kill instinct making them a desirable target as high-value items for illegal dog fights. This instinct is what fuels them to dispatch another regardless of the type and size.

Here are some other facts about the “asong gubat”:

Witch Dog
Photos from Tom Asmus
  • They have these extra sharp claws that they use to climb trees to run after prey. These claws are being shed regularly to produce new ones – more catlike than doglike in many ways. This happens every year to them but does not happen to other dog breeds except when it is caused by an illness.
  • They have double-sealing anus.
  • They have black lips, black gums, and black mouth roof.
  • They have spots on their tongue.
  • They make as great guard dogs as they tend to become really loyal to their family and wary to strangers.
  • They have an impeccable hunting instinct. They are ruthless and has this high prey drive.
  • Their fur coats can be brown, black, sable, or spotted but majority of them have brindle coats.
  • They have a medium build and ears that that are wide and upright.
  • They have bloodlines dating back 36,000 years.

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