Giuseppe and Milina: Their Unique Story With A Surprising Ending

Here’s the bizarre and unique story of Giuseppe and Milina, controversial social media personalities.

GIUSEPPE AND MILINA – What is the truth between these two people? Netizens clamored about their story but it looks like the internet was fooled.

Love has no age and this is seemingly the saying when this 19-year-old man “fell in love” with a woman who is older than him by thrice his age.

Many people online were stunned when Giuseppe D’Anna shared online his relationship with 76-year-old Milina Gatta. They first went viral in May 2022 but their relationship was ridiculed online.

Some people expressed disapproval while there are some who are their disbelief. More and more people clamored about their “relationship” when they announced their engagement and their pregnancy.

Giuseppe and Milina

Some are saying that them expecting a baby is impossible as they mainly considered the age of the woman who has already reached her menopausal stage.

He was even accused that he was only after the pensioner’s wealth. They were always extra in terms of giving gifts, thus, the accusation against the teenager.

But it looks like the internet got fooled.

Giuseppe and Milina Photo
Photo from The Mirror

In an interview of Milina with Italian influencer Andrea Rossi for his channel ‘Alici Come Prima’, she confessed that the young man is her grandson.

The Italian teenager also told the JamPress news agency that what they have and what they show online is false. Their relationship is a hoax and he claimed that it’s just his way to gain popularity online.

In a video from Project Nightfall, the young man appears to not be after Milina’s money as she is his biological grandmother. For a whole year, they kept on doing their deception to their followers to gain more people to follow them and more views.

They did all those things including the grand gestures and intimate acts like kissing just for fame. Many people online were in disbelief as to how far these two have done in reaching fame and followers online.

Check out the video below:

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