Best Dog Tricks that Furbabies Do Better than Most Hoomans

Video Compilation of the Best Dog Tricks that are Undeniably Jaw-Dropping

BEST DOG TRICKS – Here is a video compilation of some of the jaw-dropping stunts that these furbabies can do better than most humans.

Among the many kinds of animals, dogs are undeniably the favorite of many people across the globe. In fact, most households have at least one (1) dog that the family considers not only as a pet or an animal but a family member, too.

In these dog-loving homes, the basic needs of the dogs are equally-important with the needs of the other members of the family — food, bathe, vitamins and supplements, a time outdoor for exercise, and proper medical care when the dog is not feeling well.

These dogs bring love and entertainment to the members of the household. A lot of furparents even take time to teach their furbabies the best dog tricks and the training became their hobby.

In a video posted by Freestyle Paws on YouTube, the dog owner-trainer showcased the best dog tricks that her furbabies can do. Indeed, they can do a lot of impressive stunts that these furbabies can undeniably do better than most humans.

They can lift their hind feet like what excellent dancers do when they show their groove on the dancefloor:

Best Dog Tricks

Can you ride a skateboard? One of these dogs can and it did not show any sign of being frightened.

Dog Skating

How about that Play Dead acting that looks like the dog deserves a best actor award? It did not move like its alive when it was lifted by its owner.

Best Dog Tricks

Surely, not all kids can put this rings perfectly but these dog happily played with it as it placed the rings on the holder.

Dog Playing

While it may be easier for anyone to ride this static wooden horse, surely it is an impressive sight to see a dog happily playing on it.

Dog Playing

I like the idea of painting but I do not have enough courage as much as what this dog has.

Dog Painting

It’s undeniably amazing to see this dog standing on top of one foot of its furparent and balancing it well.

Best Dog Tricks

Here is a video compilation of the best dog tricks posted on YouTube:

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