Funny Videos Of People Having Fun But Went Wrong

Here are some viral funny videos that became “epic fail”

Funny videos often went viral on social media as these give entertainment and laughter to many netizens all over the world.

Most videos that garner laughter from the online community started from what is supposed to be clean fun but something went wrong along the way or as the video progresses.

Candid moments are the best, especially when there is something unexpected that will happen. Here are some of the funny videos featuring friends who are supposed to have fun together but went wrong.

In this video on X posted by Trusted Humor, two friends are trying a park game equipment. When they both climb and tried to swing, the woman fell, literally, hard on the ground.

funny videos

Then, the next clips showed that friends were supposed to enjoy the water but before dipping into it, disaster happened. The girl in a yellow T-shirt hurriedly ran but her legs went frenzy and she stumbled and this made her friend laugh.

This was followed by two men walking down a big rock but one lost his balance. Initially, it appeared that he controlled the situation, but he was wrong. He fell into the bush.

funny videos

The next one was an epic way to slide down an inflated pool. A kid was heard laughing at the man.

funny videos

Sometimes, looks can really be deceiving, just like what this man experienced. He thought that he was looking at the street outside the establishment not knowing that the glass was still close.

As they say, the show must go on. Do you wonder also what happened after this guy fell into s hole while performing on stage?

The final clip showed that a girl was enjoying the wave in a pool but when she let herself be carried by the wave, her face landed on an unexpected location.

funny videos

Watch the video compilation.

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