Makeup Transformation Videos: Be Amazed Of This Artistry

Makeup transformation has become an art for many people

Makeup Transformation Videos – These amazing videos showed the artistry of makeup artists who can transform their faces into different looks.

The art of applying makeup requires expertise. This has become a regular job for many people. Makeup artists are in-demand in entertainment, modeling, and related industries. On the other hand, there were makeup artists who would go the extra mile to create unique looks that amazed a lot of people.

This kind of transformation is often used in cosplay events. Many content creators have showcased this kind of expertise on social media.

makeup transformation

Here are some makeup transformation videos with millions of views on TikTok.

Beaty by Mols shared this makeup video transforming herself into a cat. This was the look of American rapper Doja Cat at the Met Gala 2023. It now has over 4 million views.

@beautybymols @Doja Cat Met Gala Look 🐱 #dojacatmakeup #dojacat #dojacatmetgala #makeuptransformation #makeuptransition #metgala #fyp #viralmakeuptiktok #makeupvideos ♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

Tiktok user Embla Wigum is known for her viral makeup videos. She is like a painter who uses her face as her canvass. This particular video now has 4.8 million videos.

@emblawigum AAAH we hit 2 million 🥹 love you guys to the moon and back 🤍🫶🏼😭 decided to recreate my 1 million video, with all my most viral looks from the past year! 🖤 #2million #makeuptransformation ♬ original sound – Embla Wigum

With just the use of an eyebrow pencil, Tiktok user @heanytreaner was able to show in her viral video with 3.9 million views that she can make her eye look bigger.

@heanytraner Who doesn't want to have big eyes?#beforeandafter #transformation #makeuptransformation #makeupchallenge #foruyou #fyp ♬ original sound – eyes create👀

Valeria Voronina shared that she can do glamorous makeup while the other side of her face showed that she can make herself look older. Her video now reached over 154 million views.

@voronina_valeria_ Reply to @treanajones143 #makeup #makeuptransformation #sameperson #halfface #godisawoman ♬ God is a woman choir – Daisy_Bean_Yas

This Tiktokerist used adhesive tape for her makeup transformation and her video is now viral with 39 million views.

@axelleagostini Lifting effect👀🫣 #makeuphacks #asmr #asmrsounds #asmrvideo #makeup #hacks #concealer #concealerhack #concealertutorial #makeuptutorial #makeuptransformation ♬ NO – Meghan Trainor

Sweet Tee on TikTok shared this video that caught the attention of many netizens. It now has more than 48 million views. The expert makeup artist transformed herself into a Korean idol-looking beautiful girl.

@sweet.tee27 The Queen is back!#fyp #girls #makeup #fypシ #makeuptransformation ♬ dance(256762) – TimTaj

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