Large Dog Breeds – The Largest Babies By Weight

List of different large dog breeds, the largest ones of their kind.

LARGE DOG BREEDS – Good dogs come in all sizes and here are some of the largest breeds according to their weight.

Some of us want small breeds like shih tzu, chihuahua, pomeranian, pug, poodle, maltese, pekingese, yorkshire terrier, french bulldog, and corgi. They bring big happiness in their small package but some of us would rather want ones with bigger sizes.

Good dogs come in all sizes indeed. Some of us want those gigantic breeds with their personalities just a big as their size and someone who can turn into cuddly lap dogs at the end of the day.

Large Dog Breeds
Photo from American Kennel Club

Large breeds are usually in the working group of dogs. This means that they were bred to work and do tasks such as pulling sleds and carts, guarding livestock and homes, and protecting families. According to the American Kennel Club, large breeds are prominent for their imposing stature, strength, and intelligence.

Here’s a list of the top 20 largest breeds according to how much their weigh:

RankBreedAverage Weight 
1Mastiff120-230 pounds
2Boerboel150-200 pounds
3Tosa Inu100-200 pounds
4Saint Bernard120-180 pounds
5Great Dane110-175 pounds
6Leonberger90-170 pounds
7Neapolitan mastiff110-150 pounds
8Newfoundland100-150 pounds
9Anatolian shepherd80-150 pounds
10Tibetan mastiff70-150 pounds
11Rottweiler80-135 pounds
12Bullmastiff100-130 pounds
13Akita70-130 pounds
14Black Russian terrier80-130 pounds
15Irish wolfhound105-120 pounds
16Great Pyrenees85-100 pounds and up
17Scottish deerhound75-110 pounds
18Bernese mountain dog70-115 pounds
19Dogue de Bordeaux99-110 pounds and up
20Cane corso90-100 pounds

Meanwhile, the other dog breeds that are famous in the Philippines are beagles, poodles, pugs, golden retrievers, Siberian huskies, shih tzus, chihuahuas, German shepherds, Dobermans, and labrador retrievers.

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