Most Expensive Advertisement Ever Made

Here is the most expensive TV advertisement ever made

Most Expensive Advertisement – This brand spent millions in order to create this most pricey commercial, so far.

Advertisements or commercials are representations of how a certain brand wants to show its products. Through ads, buyers or consumers are encouraged to buy what is being presented to them. A good ad can do a lot for a certain product.

This is the reason why there are brands and companies that really spend a lot of money to have good advertisement material.

most expensive advertisement

Based on the article in Campaigns of the World, the most expensive advertisement ever made is the Chanel No.5 commercial that was released in 2004. The commercial featured Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro.

It was directed by Australian film director Baz Luhrmann. The 2-minute advert was titled No.5 The Film. Chanel’s late head designer Karl Lagerfeld was the one who oversaw the costume department in this project and he had a short cameo in this. Nicole wore amazing gowns that even flaunted her beauty.

The short film was about a famous actress who ran away with an unknown man but possessed a very handsome face. Then, they fell in love with each other and spent time together. Of course, the actress was wearing her Chanel No.5.

The most expensive advertisement also featured the Clair de Lune soundtrack, performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. When this commercial was made in 2004, it cost $33 million, right now, it is equivalent to around $52 million.

As of writing, the advertisement that is posted on the YouTube channel of Chanel already has 3.8 million views. This was posted on the channel back on September 20, 2012. “This is now a legendary mini film,” a netizen commented.

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