Michael Jordan Was Featured In The 1992 McDonald’s Employee Training Video

Michael Jordan likened how he played basketball to how McDonald’s crew should serve the customers

Basketball legend Michael Jordan was featured in a McDonald’s employee training video back in 1992 and he shared how his profession was similar to serving customers.

Jordan is one of the most celebrated basketball players of all time. During his prime, aside from being a famous athlete, he also had several endorsement projects with different brands and one of those was the popular fast-food chain.

Based on the article in Mental Floss, Slate author Nitish Pahwa dug a number of fast-food employee training videos released in the past. One of them was the McDonald’s training video in 1992 in which Jordan talked about how being a basketball player can be likened to the job of the fast-food crew.

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When you put on your McDonald’s uniform, your customers want more than just quick service and a smile. They expect to be treated as a guest in your home,” he said. Michael Jordan stressed that everyone watching him during a game is his customer.

He said that the viewers do not just expect him to play basketball but he is expected to have his showmanship in whatever he does on the court. Other training videos feature unrecognizable actors but in the case of this McDonald’s training video, Jordan, an NBA legend, starred to speak to the employees.

Reportedly, his endorsement project with the fast-food chain composed a big portion of his estimated $1.7 billion earnings in endorsements, including Nike, Wheaties, and Hanes. Did you know that there was an endorsement video that was worth millions? It is the Chanel No.5 advert which is considered the Most Expensive Advertisement Ever Made.

Jordan had his first encounter with McDonald’s when he was in high school senior. He was born in Brooklyn but raised in North Carolina. The basketball star was chosen to play in the McDonald’s All-American Game back in 1981. The sports event was sponsored by Golden Arches.

The McJordan Special was introduced in 1991 which was a modified Quarter Pounder. At that time, the price was reduced by 1 cent for every point Jordan scored during Friday night games in some stores in North Carolina. The company continued its ties with Michael Jordan as it sponsored 23XI Racing, a Nascar team co-owned by the basketball legend.

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