Elvis Presley Cars: Unveiling The Iconic Rides Of The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

A Journey Through Elvis Presley Cars

ELVIS PRESLEY CARS – Check out the iconic car collection of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley here.

Elvis Presley, widely recognized as the King of Rock and Roll, is a cultural icon whose influence on music remains immeasurable. In addition to his legendary music career, an equally intriguing aspect is his distinct connection to cars. In a previous article, we featured 5 cheapest McLaren sports cars.

The global sensation had a fondness for cars that mirrored his glamorous persona, amassing a collection of nearly 200 Cadillacs, showcasing his larger-than-life presence. While some were generously gifted to loved ones, it is his standout pink 1954 Fleetwood Series 60 Cadillac that embodies the essence of the King.

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Embark on a captivating journey through rock ‘n’ roll history alongside the legendary Pink Cadillac that Elvis Presley once drove—a rosy-hued marvel that captured hearts and turned heads.

From electrifying stage performances to cruising the open road, the lasting impact left by the iconic artist and his car is etched in music history. Let’s delve into the fascinating stories, glamour, and enduring charm of this vehicle forever linked with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself.

The Iconic Pink Cadillac

Elvis paid just over $4000 for the 1955 Cadillac. Nowadays, good luck finding a used Chevy Microbus for that amount! Contrary to popular belief, Elvis didn’t start out with the famous pink ’55 Cadillac. His automotive journey began when he took the wheel of a stylish 1951 Lincoln in January 1955.

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1960 Rolls-Royce Phantom V

Elvis’s love for luxury extended beyond the stage, exemplified by his acquisition of a Rolls Royce Phantom V upon returning from the army. The car’s opulent design and exquisite craftsmanship perfectly complemented his status as a music icon.

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1962 Ford Thunderbird

Completing his collection with an American classic, the Ford Thunderbird, Elvis was captivated by its sleek design and powerful engine, capturing the spirit of the era in a vehicle that resonated with his discerning taste.

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1958 BMW 507 Roadster

While stationed in Germany as an Army soldier, Elvis managed to obtain a stylish white BMW 507 Roadster. This sleek convertible showcased a different facet of his style—understated yet undeniably sophisticated.

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1971 De Tomaso Pantera

Exploring Italian cars, Elvis gifted his then-girlfriend, Linda Thompson, the 1971 De Tomaso Pantera. Despite Elvis’s two separate incidents of shooting the car, this sleek machine seamlessly blended American power with European design, reflecting his eclectic taste.

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1973 Stutz Blackhawk III

The 1973 Stutz Blackhawk caught Elvis’s attention in a moment of automotive serendipity. Acquiring not just one, but five of these beauties marked the final cars he drove in public. Today, it proudly stands among the impressive lineup of over 20 cars at the Graceland Museum, symbolizing the culmination of Elvis’s enduring romance with automobiles.

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