Dog Names With Meaning – Names For Male Pups

Here are some unique dog names with meaning to give you an idea of what to name your four-legged companion.

DOG NAMES WITH MEANING – Our furry friends deserve to have a fitting name and here are some ideas with meaning.

The name we give to our dogs should be the best reflection of them which could be based on their unique look, personality, or the wonderful family they just joined. There are popular dog names for 2023 and there are other inspirations you can choose from.

The key to naming your dog is taking your time as what we call them is the identity they are going to hold with them “fur-ever”.

Below are some names with the meaning:

  • Balto: self-reliant sled dog
  • Rebel: rebellious nature
  • Abram: Father of nations
  • Moses: leader
  • Bear: large creatures with big bodies and thick hair
  • Bruno: means armor
  • Gunner: bold warrior
  • King: one who has power
  • Alec: defending men
  • Bandit: a fugitive
  • Hari: Arabic origin that means joy
  • Oshe: Hebrew name that means happy
  • Said: Arabic name meaning happy
  • Cupcake: little and sweet
  • Felix: Latin name meaning happy
  • Felice: Italian word meaning happy
  • Fiesta: means party
  • Onni: Finish origin meaning happy

There are also some dog names inspired by foods and here are some that you can name them if they have happy, energetic, and playful personalities:

  • Scooby: name of a cartoon dog
  • Ozzie: Hebrew word meaning strong
  • Chaos: Greek word meaning emptiness
  • Jolly: happy and joyful
  • Frisky: lively and playful
  • Havoc: trouble
  • Mischief: playful troublemaking
  • Bubbles: hyper and happy
  • Fox: wild animal
  • Airy: unconcerned and soft
  • Butterbean: a lazy sort of pup
  • Butterball: a rotund and happy dog
  • Dozer: a sleepy personality
  • Decaf: coffee without the kick of energy
  • Ike: meaning “one who brings joy”
  • Yukio: “happy hero” in Japanese
  • Amp: energy drink
  • Atom: powerful
  • Boost: power added to a rocket
  • Bolt: move quickly
  • Burn: rocket combustion
  • Bullet: used to express speed
  • Scooter: speedily
  • Brio: energy

We also got you covered if you have a brown dog by these brown dog names and here are some if your dog is intelligent and loyal:

  • Raymond: wise protector
  • Coeus: Greek word meaning intelligence
  • Frode: wise and learned
  • Olander: Swedish name meaning quick
  • Tark: Estonian word meaning clever
  • Cato: Roman name meaning wise
  • Conrad: Means wise counsel
  • Hugo: Means intelligence
  • Vivek: Means wisdom and distinction
  • Alvin: an old English word meaning friend
  • Alvy: Latin origin meaning friend
  • Buddy: friend
  • Darwin: an old English name meaning dear friend
  • Edwin: wealthy friend
  • Levin: dear friend
  • Pal: friend
  • Sadik: honest
  • Samir: an evening friend to talk to

If you want something cute that literally means “love”, here are some ideas:

  • Aziz: Arabic meaning “beloved”
  • Lennan: Irish meaning “lover”
  • Aiko: Japanese meaning “child who will be loved”
  • Amorette: French meaning “little love”
  • Ahava: Hebrew meaning “love”
  • Kama: Sanskrit meaning “love”
  • Sajan: Hindi meaning “beloved”
  • Kiefer: Gaelic meaning “beloved”
  • Luthando: Zulu meaning “love”
  • Erasmus: Greek meaning “beloved”
  • Femi: Nigerian meaning “love me”
  • Cara: Italian meaning “dear” or “beloved”
  • Habibah: Egyptian meaning “love”
  • Amicia: French meaning “dearly loved”
  • Philomena: Greek meaning “love”
  • Hita: Hindi meaning “lovable”
  • Priya: Sanskrit meaning “lovable” or “beloved”
  • Myma: Irish meaning “beloved”
  • Mila: Russian meaning “dear one”
  • Lyuha: Russian meaning “love of the people”
  • Prem: Sanskrit meaning “love”
  • Amor: Spanish meaning “love”
  • Amore: Italian meaning “love”
  • Querida: Spanish meaning “dear one” or “beloved”

If you’re still thinking about what breed to have, here are some popular dog breeds in the Philippines.

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