Maui Wildfire: A House Amazingly Survives Disaster

The Maui wildfire devoured a lot of properties but not this one

A house amazingly survived the Maui wildfire as other properties surrounding it were devoured by the fire that took many lives as well.

Wildfires are among the disasters that can’t easily be predicted. Prevention is the key when it comes to this in order to avoid a devastating scenario. One small fire can ignite a whole village just like what happened in Maui just recently.

Lahaina, a town in Maui became like a ghost town after wildfires started to happen on August 8. There were those who were able to survive the fire but many were mourning over the death of their loved ones.

maui wildfire

Based on the article in CBS News, the recent count of casualties has reached 111 individuals. However, there were still a lot of missing persons. Reportedly, residents and tourists in the area weren’t able to escape from the fire immediately because there was no warning that was given to them.

However, in a report from NBC News, it was stated that Michael Walker, Hawaii’s fire protection forester, already urged lawmakers last year to boost wildfire preparedness which is about $1.5 million. The bill did not pursue.

maui wildfire
New York Post

It was also said that for many years wildfire experts in Hawaii warned that overgrown grasses can put communities like Lahaina at extreme risk for the destruction caused by wildfires.

Amid the devastating scenario after the fire, one house stood untarnished and still whole. On New York Post’s YouTube channel, this amazing structure that survived the Maui wildfire was showcased. It was a two-story white house with a red roof and it stands very noticeable from the surrounding filled with gray remains of properties.

Some plants around the house are still alive as well. The owner of the house said that due to the thick concrete wall, the property is still standing. This image of survival became a trending topic online.

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