Amazing Abandoned Places In The World

Here are some of the amazing abandoned places in the world

These amazing abandoned places are both breathtaking and creepy, and here are the stories behind each place that is no longer inhabited.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

Diamond mining was active in this town years ago. A hospital, school, theater, casino, ice factory, and the first x-ray station were also present in this area of the Southern Hemisphere. Based on that article in Smithsonian Magazine, after World War 1, the diamond supply slowly decreased.

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Because of this, people also started to leave and in 1954 the town was abandoned. The buildings left are now filled with knee-deep sand. Tourists need to secure a permit before visiting the place.

Hashima Island near Nagasaki, Japan

People occupied this place from 1887 to 1974. It housed a coal mining facility founded by the Mitsubishi Company. The island was intended for extracting coal from undersea mines and it was purchased in 1890 for that purpose.

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However, as petroleum slowly replaced coal, the place slowly lost its purpose and in 1974, Mitsubishi closed the last remaining mines. Nowadays, the place is popularly tagged as the Ghost Island. Many of the concrete structures on the island have already collapsed. In 2009, an effort to reopen the area was made but it will require a tremendous amount of money to fully make it safe for the tourists.

Maunsell Sea & Air Forts

Maunsell Forts were built during World War II to be small fortified towers in the Thames and Mersey estuaries. This was intended to help defend the United Kingdom and help protect the shipping channel from German air raids and mine settings. The area was for the anti-aircraft defense but it was decommissioned in the 1950s.

amazing abandoned places travelationship
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However, the area was re-occupied in the 1960s by British Pirate Radio stations. Today, it remains unoccupied but once in a while, it is revisited.

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