Octopus: Marvelous Facts About This Sea Creature

Octopus is a a marvelous creature and here are some of the reasons why

Octopus soft-bodied, eight-limbed mollusk of the order Octopoda, and this sea creature is known for being flexible and the ink it squirts.

Aside from those characteristics, here are some amazing facts about the cephalopod (any member of the molluscan class Cephalopoda such as a squid, cuttlefish, or nautilus), based on the article in Treehugger.

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Masters of camouflage

It can change its color, pattern, shape, and texture to blend in with its surroundings in just a split second. It is done to protect itself from predators and help it sneak up on prey. 

Have Far-Reaching Brains

If it has eight arms, its brain is more than that number. This sea creature has nine brains and these are one central brain and eight smaller brains, one in each limb.

Millions of Years Old

It is a descendant of a creature Pohlsepia mazonensis that lived during the Carboniferous period which is 296 million years ago. The said creature was only known by humans through a single, well-preserved fossil.

Highly Intelligent

With its nine brains, most likely comes the feature of being intelligent. Octopuses are “probably the closest we’ll get to meeting an intelligent alien,” CUNY biology professor Peter Godfrey-Smith said. Aside from acquiring intelligence, it was said that this sea creature can develop emotions and even individual personalities. It can solve problems, remember solutions, think strategically, and play.

Multiple Hearts

If it has, eight arms and nine brains, this animal also has many hearts – three to be exact. The two hearts are for pumping blood to their gills and one to circulate blood to the rest of the body, such as the appendages.

Can Regenerate Lost Limbs

Although other creatures also can regrow certain body parts, an octopus is different because it can restore an appendage in its entirety, including nerves. With this, the resulting extremity is no weaker than the original.

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