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Building Tunnels And Roads Will Never Be The Same Again With This Zipper Truck System.

Like a zipper, once you run the head of it down to the separate tails you can end up with a close and organized lock. How we hope that in constructing our streets and tunnels, we could also go efficient and effective as the zipper. But look what the engineers have come up.

Constructing tunnels and roads have been a challenge for most contractors, road engineers and workers not just because of the heavy work but also because of the inconvenience it could cause to most motorists.

Most likely, during road transactions example if there are constructions or developments, authorities have to close the roads or a particular section in order to get the job done. For motorists, they are left with no choice but take the other route or wait for the longer queue along with the heavy traffic.

But construction of roads and tunnels will never be the same again. In fact, within just smaller time frame—the work could be accomplished efficiently and effectively. In the video below, the Zipper Truck System will show its versatility in creating tunnels with openings. More than its ability to do so, it could also build the tunnel quickly even making it with no permanent support work. Working for a mining reclaim tunnel or a storage vault with top access could be as easy as this when you got this Zipper system.

But surely you should not compromise the intensive and compressive structure design when you use this zipper system. It might not a lot of work force to make the job done but working with the system should be familiarized.

More about the Zipper system which is very ideal in making tunnels, this bridge road zipper is another help in repositioning the new Moveable Median Barriers. The Barrier Transfer Machine was designed to transfer concrete lane dividers.


It contains channel in its beneath which lifts the barrier segments off the road surface and transfers them over to the other side of the lane.

By relocating easily and efficiently, the BTM could accommodate the increase in the traffic for the currently dominant direction. The machine link the barriers together using the steel connectors to create a sturdy but flexible safety barrier thus addressing the traffic issue that may arise immediately.

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Videos from Lock Block Ltd., Party of the Third Part

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