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Mirror…Mirror On The Wall, Reveal A Surprise. This Is Not An Ordinary Mirror, This One Is Cool.

Mirror has been part of our daily routines. For most of us who go to school and work, we don’t get out of our homes without facing the mirror and checking how do we look like. We fix our self through the mirror, and it has been very helpful.

The magic behind every mirror is that it reveals what we don’t see for ourselves. Mirrors today come with variety of styles and designs perfectly created to our lifestyle and homes.

But more to the usual yet artistic mirrors we get to see, this might be the most surprising one. More than just being a mirror, this one could reveal something else that you’ll find beneficial.

With the technology installed in the mirror, one could command and talk. Eventually, the mirror will reveal some important details you might need. Check how cool this is.

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Video from Evan Cohen

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