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Could Li-Fi Be The Answer To The Slow Wi-Fi? Internet By Light Is Coming.

Almost all the answers that we needed today, from the cooking ingredients and steps that we need to some tips that we needed in life, can be absorbed from the internet. Using our smart phones and gadgets, we can access to the internet if there is availability to seek for solutions to our daily queries.

But as human nature, we don’t get contented with the benefits the internet could give especially when it brings us slower connections and results. If you can relate to slow internet connection, then most likely you could relate to this.

There must be something wrong in your wifi connection. Through WiFi though, we could connect to the internet without using cords and the likes. Just the time you open your wifi and get closer to the server, you will get feeds from the internet. Again, the speed often times give us a problem.

The tech world though is getting excited as Apple expresses its intent of integrating a new technology that could bring a faster internet service that the usual wifi that we use today.

The Li-f- or the “light fidelity” promises a faster speeds and enhanced privacy to all users. During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Li-fi was demonstrated initializing the data transferring technology. Oledcomm, the pioneering company of the technology, firmed that the Li-fi is much faster noting it to be 100 times faster than the Wifi.

The company’s founder also claimed that the device could load 200 gigabits within a second. The wireless technology is also dreamed to power beyond smartphones even the household machines that we use at home.

How it works

Tech and Industrial giants have already shown their interest over the new technology. According to the report from Sputniknews.com, li-fi uses frequencies generated by LED bulbs which flicker at a rate of thousands of times per second in transmitting information.

The Benefits

One big benefit of the new wireless technology is it enhances data privacy and limits potential for surveillance. More so, it limits networks within a smaller spaces. Li-fi does not transmit through walls which reduces the risk of data theft.

Unlike Wi-Fi that uses radio waves and requires open transmission of data packages that can be captured by anyone nearby including hacking and surveillance, Li-fi can be directed and beamed at a particular uses to enhance user’s privacy.

The Weakness

While so, many were not impressed by the Li-fi most likely because of its two critical market issues which an observer pointed out. Jim Tully, a lead technology analyst of an IT firm, saw the two issues that should be met. First is that the device only works when it is exposed directly to the flickering light and the second is the inability of the transmission through walls.

Tull, however, noted that the new technology has tremendous potential.

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