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Man Owns The Skies Of New York As He Gets To Fly Around. You’d Envy Him.

One has developed a gasoline powered and ducted fan device that weights several hundred of kilos just to fly.

Yes, one has dreamed to become Superman or Ironman who could fly into the skies and fly wherever he want to go. Flying is once a dream but not today as it is slowly achieved through devices such as JetPack.

JetPack makes flying more exciting as one could experience the world like a real life flying man. But flying with this innovations doesn’t come with easy cost, one has to be fully trained before flying.

And just to give you a short view of how the thing works, this guy got the privilege to fly above New York and around the Statue of Liberty. Amazing as this is, but this is just a start.

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Video from carltonandthesaints

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