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Let’s See What Happens When You Drop an iPhone 6s in a Lego Phone Case From 100 Ft.

iPhone 6s is one of the latest mobile issue of gadget mogul, Appple.

iPhone Drop Test

Released last September 25, 2015, iPhone 6s cost at around $877. With that price tag, only a few could probably afford it. You’ll surely take extra care of it once you have this.

But just in case, would you dare to try this for a drop test despite it is very protected? Watch what will happen when you drop it in a Lego phone case.

After it fell off from a 100 feet building, the custom Legos shattered into pieces but the mobile accumulated no damage. It only shows that iPhone 6s, one latest addition of Apple to iPhone successors could be one of the strongest iPhones ever released.

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