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Having A Hard Time Getting Out Of Bed? This Alarm App Requires A Selfie To Shut It Up.

Rushing up to work or school every morning is a struggle every one of us could relate to. The thing is, we don’t usually wake up earlier. It is our nature to spend the rest of the possible time in bed thinking that we still have a lot of time to prepare.


Surely we don’t want to be late at school or work, our choice is we set the alarm earlier so we still have time to prepare our things. But what usually happens, we tend to easily turn off the alarm so it won’t bother our sleep.

Alarm clock doesn’t often work especially when sleeping is just what our body needs. While there are alarms clocks which were now designed to break us in the morning, this all new application as an alarm could certainly give us enough reason to wake up.

Mornings will never be the same again as Microsoft launched its alarm application that requires you to take a selfie before it could shut off. While waking up in the morning is one of the struggles, getting out of bed is made easier with this alarm that doesn’t offer you a snooze button.

The Mimicker Alarm forces you to wake up as it will not stop until you complete its required challenge. The application asks proof that you are awake before it stops ringing.

More than just a selfie, there are more games that this Mimicker Alarm could ask from you. For example, it would require you to take a picture of something or you might want to repeat a tongue twister over and over again. The bottom line is, when you failed to do the task—the alarm starts up again.

Your morning alarm will never be the same again, certainly! According to Allison Light, a program manager working behind the Microsoft’s Project Oxford machine learning team, if you snooze the default is five minutes to delay the game and if you dismiss, the alarm will be muted for only 30 seconds requiring you to complete the challenge.

When your mind starts to work for the challenge this alarm is requiring you to complete, you get to energize yourself and eventually giving you the reason to now go out of your room.

Wake up earlier next time with this cool alarm that uses interesting and challenging games to help you get out of your sleepy head. Like any other alarms, this one can be customized too.


Definitely, you can choose among the games or challenges that could wake you up in your mornings. So what do you think about this?

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Source: mirror.co.uk; Video from Microsoft

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