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Would You Believe That This Is Just A Humanoid? This One Looks Super Real.

Over the years, men have been proving its strength and knowledge for the things he have accomplished in various fields such as engineering, medical, and most especially in technological breakthroughs. More so, there are already gadgets to which we thought at first would be impossible to create which are now tangible creations.

These breakthroughs were created for various purposes. Most of these technologies were created to make the human life efficient and effective especially in performing tasks. With the things that we use today as aid, we can accomplish our work with less effort. More to that, are job has been getting easier because of these aids.

However, we haven’t yet seen the extreme of human work. There are still works on progress which are yet to be shown in public. While so, we are slowly getting some sights over these things. One of which that could really surprise anyone else is the humanoid.

While we are impressed seeing what a robot could do, humanoids are most likely in human forms. In the first time in Berlin’s International Travel Trade Show, a humanoid robot was displayed dropping everyone’s jaw as it can speak multiple languages.

More to that, the humanoid robot called ‘Chihira Kanae’ could also recognize faces, gesticulate and express emotions with her face. This humanoid really looks real. Standing one hundred and sixty five centimeters tall, the humanoid could act as a newscaster or even perform a song.

The humanoid robot has a body and built like that of the human body. This was designed for various functional purposes including interacting with human tools and environments. What makes this one a lot interesting than the other humanoids is it can replicate human facial features such as eyes and mouths.

Could this replace the forms of transactions? Imagine a classroom having a robotic teacher instead of having the human. That might somehow sound interesting, but would it work for good?

Imagine talking to a robot about your problems and getting something too ideal in return? How would you react? With the advancement in science and technology, we can say we are not that far from reaching that timeline.

While it is becoming exciting seeing what else the future could bring us, some of our imaginations are quite frightening. What do you think? Speak your thoughts on our comment section below.

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