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They Have Remodeled The Drone With Its New Function…And It’s Pretty Cool.

Fire could occur anywhere and anytime. And putting off a fire needs experts and rescuers, perhaps. It takes a lot of time to put off a fire especially when there is lack of water.

For firefighters, putting off a fire is a lot challenging. They have to take distance in order to be safe against fire. But enthusiasts found a new way to put off fire a little safer.

With the presence of the flying drone, they have remodeled it to fight against fire. Attaching water faucet into it, the drone would just fly above the fire and drop water into it.

They are planning to restructure the drone into a bigger model so it could carry more water and be more useful in constant streaming against fire. With this, it would be more effective to dump the water on the fire quickly.

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Video from Hogwit

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