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800-Year-Old Mobile Phone-Looking Object Found In Austria – Unbelievable

Technology has been part of our lives since the invention of different devices. Cell phones, in particular have made a really big impact in the lives of people because in a matter of seconds, one can now communicate to other people even in the other side of the world.

Recently, in Austria, a bizarre object was found by archaeologists. It resembles a mobile phone in the 90’s. Conspiracy theorists then stated that these where left by Aliens since the object has been examined being a 800-year-old one. Since it roamed the Internet, people say that it’s a ‘hoax’ and just a product of technology itself. Well, there is no fixed and proved story about this.

Watch this video of a 800-year-old object discovered by archaeologists in Austria that resembles a famous mobile phone in the 90’s.

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Video from P. Crubicle.

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