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What Else Could You Do While Skiing? These Guys Mount The Largest Human Water Skiing Pyramid Formation.

Water skiing has become an extreme water surface sport that is graced by most people who have heart for thrills especially during summer. The sport itself requires sufficient area on a smooth stretch of water to sustain the surface on skis. More to that, the individual should have enough courage and pocketful of balance to eventually make it through the surface.

Largest human water skiing pyramid formation

Moreover, it is required from a skier to have adequate upper and lower body strength and endurance. Though there is no minimum age necessary to enjoy the water skiing, the individual should know how to have fun to really enjoy the sport.

The skier basically stands on the skis while maintaining the balance and while being pulled by a boat or a cable ski installation over the body of water. However, these skiers do more than just standing on the skis. In fact, they are doing something you would not usually see from people enjoying the summer water.

From afar, watching them could really be a jaw dropping spectacle. What makes this sighting exciting more than any other skiing performance that you get to see is their attempt of building the largest human waterskiing pyramid. You read it right, they will form the pyramid while on the surface water skiing through.

Consisting of 60 people, the Lake Wazeecha in Wisconsin Rapids in USA became an arena for these thrill-seekers as they try to reach their almost impeccable goal of forming the largest human pyramid while moving over the surface water.

The 60-person pyramid was made of five different ski teams which include the Aqua Ducks, Backwater Gamblers, Badgerland, Beaverland Must-Skis and the Water Bugs from Wisconsin and Illinois. The teams working as one formed a five four-high pyramid formation all behind one boat.

Previously teams of Jiangxi Team of Chinese Youth Waterski Show Team from China and the Rock Aqua Jays Water Ski Club, Inc. worked together to achieve the waterski pyramid with a 48-person, quadruple 4-tier pyramid.

Absolutely brilliant! And the results are just breathtaking. These guys are creatively awesome too! What do you think of these human-pyramids? Don’t miss our updates. For some more of our latest stories and videos, just drop by at our website more often and don’t forget to visit our website more often. Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a nice day ahead.

Source: Guinness World Records

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