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This Boy May Not Have His Dream Jersey For Now…But His Story Seems Give Him More Than He Dreams Of.

Out of nothing, this boy found something that could somehow make his dream come true.

Murtaza Ahmadi, 5 years old, is like any other kids who love to play. But of all the sports game, he considers football as his favorite. And by that, he has one ultimate soccer hero—Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona.

Growing up with lack, Murtaza realized that being like Lionel is too far to reach. However, this did not stop him in somehow pursuing what he loves.

Together with his brother, they would go out and play football almost every day.  With the help of his brother, they used a blue and white striped plastic bag and made it into a jersey.

The Afghan boy was somehow amazed wearing his plastic jersey with the name Messi across the front. He may not have the chance to wear the real jersey but with their improvised jersey, he felt like he was a soccer hero.

When his family uploaded the photo of him wearing the improvised jersey, Murtaza has then stole the hearts of many across social media.

As the photo quickly spread, many were captured by his heartwarming story. Never did they think that this will also catch the attention of the world’s best soccer player.

In an interview with an American news program, Murtaza said that he wanted to meet Messi and that he love him so much.

It is quite surprising how the Afghan boy learned to love the sports when decades ago the fear against terrorism has hindered children to play outside.

The good news was, the boy also reached the management team of Messi which also tapped the Afghan Football Federation to arrange a meeting with the Murtaza. Earlier this week, Murtaza got the chance to play with the national team as well.


The boy continues to be an inspiration to all kids to pursue what they want even if poverty seems to hinder them. Now, he is very close to living his dreams. And may his story continue to spread inspiration and hope.

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Video from Reuters

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