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These Guys Dare To Cliff Dive The Word’s Largest Waterfall—The Victoria Falls.

Pass the vast dry lands Known as the ‘smoke that thunders,’ Victoria Falls lies in the border heart of Zambia and Zimbabwe in southern Africa. Victoria Falls is also known as the largest waterfall with the greatest curtain of falling water. But more than just being largest in the world, it also presents a remarkable sight of breathtaking beauty and grandeur.

Cliff Diving Victoria Falls

Plummeting over the edge with a width of almost two kilometers, are columns of spray that gorge over one hundred meters below. Large torrent of water falls through the breathtaking gorges highlighting a verdant landscape.

But more than just the awe-aspiring falls are the sheer walls of basalt formed around the area rising and mounting with various heights. Sometimes, these are capped by mists but when the sun would rise, the edges are revealed to sight.

The boiling pot is also a spectral area where the river turns and heads down the gorge. The panoramic views across the falls take a lot of time and courage to be witnessed and discovered by a traveler. With its peeking heights, one could walk in grit but certainly not for those who have faint of heart.

However, these cliff divers take their adventure into a more thrilling escape as they went on challenging the largest falls. These two are stunned by the views the Victoria Falls could present, however, their feat is to play in its foot.

Cliff Diving Victoria Falls

Cliff Divers Orlando Duque and Jonathan Paredes are both excited and geared as they hike pass the rock formations of the Victoria Falls reaching a gorge that opens the mouth of the boiling point. With nothing but courage and adventure-heart, the two free-falls from the gorge down to the peaceful waters.

Finest in cliff diving, the two went in search for an extraordinary diving spot but landed in the breathtaking one. From the top of the world’s largest waterfall, the murky depths however did not stop these cliff divers. For the both of them, it was indeed an expedition way out of their comfort zone. Well, their comfort zone is literally jaw-dropping.

While the two enjoy their pure extreme sport, no strings are attached to them as they dive from the cliff down to the boiling point. However, these two don’t seem to consider the difference between perfect execution and disaster.

For Duque, having the chance to jump from the falls was a dream come true.

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