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These Guys Take On The Challenge To Play Golf On The Surface Of The World’s Deepest Lake.

Curving 400 miles through the south-eastern Siberia, north of the Mongolian border, and capped by the thickening snows and ice, is the splendid and known as the world’s deepest freshwater lake. The Lake Baikal lies in a cleft where Asia splits apart.

Lake Baikal – World's Deepest Lake

According to geologists, the lake today shows what the seaboards of the continents like North America, Africa and Europe looked like as they began to separate millions of years ago. Surrounded by towering mountains capped with winter snows, the Lake Baikal offers a favorable landscape especially when it is frozen.

With unmatched beauty, the more than 5, 000 feet deep lake is also a haven for some bizarre life forms underneath as it provides cold and oxygen rich waters. While so, the surrounding mountains are havens for wild animals while being guarded by some villages at the outposts of tranquility and self-reliance.

The lake is more than just a regular lake, Lake Baikal also holds the largest volume of fresh water meaning, one-fifth of all the fresh water in the world is located in the mouth of the lake. At a glance, the lake could be literally described as sea because of its dimensions.

The lake also holds the clearest and purest bodies of water. However, when winter comes, the lake also freeze into a shining surface where skies and water meets. This pushed the golf enthusiast to gather there for an ultimate Baikal Ice Golf Tournament.

Golfers from various countries like China, Korea, and Belgium among others took part in the vent while trading in turf for ice. As part of the challenge, the competitors also play on different terrains on the surface of the frozen lake including cliffs, caves, and on the ice itself that covers the vast surface.

This experience aims to broaden the golf players understanding and persistent by providing them a rare and challenging location. And these players from around the world has truly proven their loved for the sports that even the unusual conditions did not stop them. The event also raises awareness that the lake deserves to be cared and protected especially that it holds fresh water and caters various creatures.

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