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This Performer Takes On Unexpected Objects On His Chin For Heart-Stopping Balancing Acts.

When we slip out of a smooth floor, what could save us is our balance. Balance makes it possible for us to remain upright by distributing even weight. So whether we slip in the mud or just tripped and lost our balance, we could manage to remain steady.

But of course, controlling our balance doesn’t come in an easy way. We have to respond quickly over our balance in order to perfectly perform it especially in the quick instances.

But this man seems to have no problem with that. Kevin Shiflett doesn’t just show balance when he trips out of balance but he is using his balancing skill on his performances. Indeed, Kevin got a pocketful of balance.

Kevin is from a humble town in Arizona, USA where he started developing his balancing skill. He would usually see circus performances and in the age of ten, he was inspired and started to perform like how the performers do it. The now 30-year-old performer revealed that he started with the household broom for his first trick.

As professional in what he does, Kevin would go places to showcase his brilliant talent. He added that he really enjoys sharing his talent to others. What keeps him going is the joy and excitement he hears and gets from the crowd.1

In this extra ordinary action, Kevin balances a broom, a chair and even a fire extinguisher and traffic cone—-all on the tip of his chin. Gracing the full-packed crowds, Kevin is giving people extra treats with his amazing and thrilling performance. Among the objects he did not pass were the wheelbarrows, bicycles, tables, ladders, and even ironing boards which dropped the jaw of the audience.


Kevin has spent the last 20 years of his life practicing his art. And over the years, Kevin has certainly perfected the art of balancing as apparently he could balance almost anything on his chin.

Apparently, Kevin’s ability to keep and put something in a steady position so that it does not fall is just incredible. Talking about biomechanics, Kevin’s ability to maintain the line of gravity using his chin was even more interesting considering the mass of the objects he get to control.

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Video from Caters TV

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