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This Burial Turns Your Loved Ones Into Trees. This One Sounds Ideal. What Do You Think Of This?

To bury someone you loved most is indeed one of the most painful experiences a man could ever experience. However, life in earth is not eternal. Everyone will soon have their own time of saying goodbye to whatever and whoever they left here on earth. It is the time when the skies would run grey and would bring tears.

Regardless of our beliefs, none of us could escape death. The only question that could bother us are the things that we will leave for our loved ones and the deeds that we will bring in the afterlife.

Some say life is a circle, those who walked through the earth and passed away will be buried into the lands where the plants will grow anew. But literally, this was translated into an idea of coming full circle and returning as a tree.

Our faith has a different perspective, but this burial method had been an attention-catcher as it aims to turn our loved ones into a tree. The Capsula Mundi project started in Italy and was designed by Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, it has developed an organic, biodegradable burial capsule that will turn the deceased’s body into nutrients to supply the growth of the tree.


When the deceased is buried as it is encapsulated in the fetal position, a tree or a seed is being planted above their capsule even giving the families choice of which tree they would want to grow from the deceased body.


Although the concept has not been practiced yet as the Italian law forbids such burial, the project’s main aim is to create a memorial parks full of trees instead of tombstones.


The project designers believe that the burying of wood for wooden coffins could be replaced by planting new trees instead. The idea is also graced by most who have heard it as they can visit their loved ones as a tree, care for it and even rest in its shade.

This concept really sounds ideal as you don’t have to visit a spooky cemetery but instead of a beautiful memory forest that could also save our earth especially of our forestry. Bye-bye coffins, hello burial pods!

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