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This Falling Light Then Turned Into Something More Intriguing. You Have To See It.

When you see something bizarre, you have to film it or else no one would believe how you describe what you saw. Fortunately, a woman who was by then attending a friend’s birthday happened to take a footage of this strange sightings.

One would certainly think that this is a meteor fall especially when the supposed falling meteor breaks into more of it…but when you see everything till the end you might want to know what this really was.

A drop of light caught everybody’s attention as it falls straight down. After few seconds, the light broke down into many more. But more to what everyone expected, the lights did not fall directly to the ground.

Apparently, the lights stayed mid-air with some bizarre formations which gave them a big bubble though of what these lights really are. And you might want to say something about these after watching this.

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Video from Viral Hog

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