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This Is What Happens To A Dirty Tank Of Water When You Put Oysters In It.

Two tanks are filled with the same kind of water. However, the second tank was filled oysters. What has been found out though after hours is a display of natural magic that we have not realized as possible until we see it. This striking visualization will show us the unique ability of the oysters.

two tanks filled with same water one has oysters in it to filter Two Tanks Filled with the Same Water but One has Oysters In It

The water, apparently dirty and algae contaminated, was absorbed from the Honga River, an estuary of the Chesapeake Bay. In here, we see two crystal tanks filled with the water. Over the course of two hours, the tank which was filled with oysters apparently became different to the other tank.

It was found out that the oysters effectively filtered the contaminated water by naturally doing it. The algae was absorbed out of the water through a natural filtering system brought by the oysters. It was realized that the oysters can be effectively beneficial in the entire ecosystem.

In the video below, the oyster filtration is demonstrated. According to the study conducted aligned to this experiment, an adult oyster is capable of filtering 20 to 50 gallons of water per day. It was also found out that in estimated less than 5 days, the historic populations of oyster in the Chesapeake Bay were capable of filtering the entire volume of the bay.

Through the study, oyster reefs are in building so that the incredible and natural filtering system can be restored to local estuaries. Through the Florida Oceanographic Oyster Restoration Program (FL.O.OR.), it is dreamed that the bodies of water can be naturally filtered.

Not only are that oysters are delicious, but they are also taking a responsibility under the water as these suckers are just fantastic at filtering out dirty water.

Unfortunately, large amount of our water today is contaminated with the pollution that human caused. From the air, to the land, the water have not escape the wrath of human irresponsibility as we throw our garbage into the water. Little did we realize that we are actually polluting our water, the elixir of life.

Water pollution has become significant in its number. And for a record, species are affected. While species under the oceans have their natural abilities to protect the oceans, we people should also value the importance of water and therefor know how to protect it.

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Video from Florida Oceanographic Society; Source: http://twistedsifter.com

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