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Could This Spillway Lead You Into Another Dimension?…Look Closely.

Pass the valleys and ridges, the giant rock formations, the vast greens under the blue skies, lies this peaceful Conchos Dam near Guarda, Portugal. One spot though as you look through the lake will catch your attention. What seemingly peaceful lake is bringing a surreal looking spillway.

Some of the people who would see it for the first time would believe that the hole is leading somewhere different—an odd world. But they have not known something behinf this spillway. The spillway looks like a portal to another dimension. But where this spillway actually leads to?

large bell mouth spillway monticello dam Bell Mouth Spillways: How Giant Holes in the Water are Possible

Built in 1955, the small dam diverts water from ribeira das Naves to Lagoa comprida dam through a 1519 m (4, 984 ft) long tunnel. Part of the dam is the hydroelectric system that gathers water.

A spillway basically provide a system for the controlled release of flows from a dam into downstream area. It usually releases water so that it won’t overtop and damage or even destroy the dam which usually has its water volume limit. Floodgates are usually designed for spillways to make sure the dam just holds enough water.

Here’s a little trip on this exemplary work of art at the dam in Portugal. 4.6 meter tall and 48 meter crowning, this hole collects large amount of river waters of the lagoon through a long tunnel with 1 519 meters.

The bell-mouth spillways are eventually formed because of the water that finds its way down. It could look like a water vortex that may lead you into another dimension, but that could only happen at first glance.

When you look closer at it, the giant hole is actually a method of controlling the volume of water by releasing it from a dam into a downstream area. More often, in our locals, spillways are referred to holes which help prevent floods.

giant plughole monticello dam Bell Mouth Spillways: How Giant Holes in the Water are Possible

Spillways are usually designed like an inverted bell. The special design supports the flow of the water to smoothly enter all around the perimeter. In some locations, the spillways are even designed to fit with ice-breaking arrangements to keep the spillway from freezing especially in those reservoir that are most likely to freeze.

massive hole in the water Bell Mouth Spillways: How Giant Holes in the Water are Possible

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Video from ProBilder; Source : http://twistedsifter.com/

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