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Is This A UFO Orbiting The Asteroid Near The Earth? NASA Could Be Lying About This.

Recently, a footage of the supposed moon orbiting an asteroid sparked speculations and debates among UFO enthusiasts for what seemed unusual and intriguing. However, NASA claims that the object surrounding the asteroid near the earth was just the moon.

NASA has revealed us almost everything about what’s happening outside the earth. But many inflicted that there are some things the authority did not want the public to know. Is there really something, more than the asteroids, orbiting our planet?

While the video leaked online, according to the report from http://www.mirror.co.uk/, NASA has said that the disc-shaped object orbiting an asteroid is nothing but a small moon, however many claimed that the space agency has kept something.

UFO enthusiasts insisted that a UFO is actually orbiting the asteroid very close to the earth. In the video, Tyler of Secureteam10 reportedly explained that the object spotted on asteroid 2004 BL86 when it passed 199, 600 km from the earth on January 26 is not as it seems.

It was added that the object was 70 metres in diameter which doesn’t look like the typical moon. It was described as long, and is metallic cylindrical hull with two other smaller cylinders that stick out the side.


The footage has gained various reactions among social media users especially with how Tyler explained his side adding that if NASA were to find better footage of the UFO that showed it was a space ship and not the moon, they would have doctored it so it would look like a moon.

There are people who were attracted as Tyler was seemed quite right to suspect that the orbiting object was something other than a moon. And while some agreed to what Tyler has said about the object orbiting the asteroid very close to our planet even joining him in his belief, there are still some who said that Tyler was just making things up.

Amid various videos and photos which others claimed as proof that we are not the only beings existing, one may wander behind thinking of what else living in the outer and if there is really such things as the photos and videos suggest.

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