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Try Not to Laugh While Watching This Kid as He Gives You a Painful Laughter

Kids these days are very adventurous. They tend to do things without knowing that it might hurt them.

Painful Laughter

But this kid will show you what it takes to spread the so-called good vibes and at the same time, “painful laughter”.

Watch the video below courtesy of Khalid Shaka:

The video shows a kid lighting up a fire cracker which he placed beneath a tin can. He then stand under the steel container. While he waits for it to explode, the fire cracker suddenly bust to which it hit him.

And as he goes through the pain, background music courtesy of King of Pop, Michael Jackson plays. The kid seems like dancing to the beat of “Billie Jean”.

What can you say about this?

Share us your thoughts by simply leaving on the comment section below. For more pain-felt to the bones videos, feel free to visit our site often. Thanks for dropping by and reading this post.

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