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This Strange Foam-Like Clouds Spark Debate Among Conspiracy Theorists. What Could Be Behind This?

Its origin was first unknown because of its bizarre nature that sparked controversy and debate among conspiracy theorists and alien hunters. Morocco has become the center of attraction as a stranger foam cloud landed several days ago.

Whether, it is a weather phenomenon or a chemical waste byproduct. Its origin remained to be unknown. But what could this really be?


The clouds settled across Doukkala in Morocco. As it has attracted the locals, sky watchers and conspiracy theorists have their own views of what has been filmed falling from the sky in Morrocco.

The video of the white substance falling in the coastal region has become viral online giving people some bubble thought of what it could really be. While others concluded that it came from aliens or it is a process of alien intervention, some are particular that it is a cause of weather manipulation. Some also pointed out that it could be sea foams which are natural.

As the video shows, a man can be seen wandering around as the clouds settled in his surround. The spooky formations could also be distinguished as candy floss that scattered around.

While so, the man also grabbed a handful of what seemed bizarre which then clanged into his hand like a spider web. And while others claimed that clouds cannot plunge off the sky and settle on the ground, they believe that clouds have smaller density that the air around so it would really be impossible that clouds fall from the sky.

Some are meanwhile concerned that the clouds are also connected to the strange sounds which was earlier heard around Morrocco.

A huge bubble can be also seen blown upright by the wind as it rolled across the road. While the speculations rolled, others who have seen the mysterious clouds suggested that it was in fact sea foam while some said it was a result of untreated sewage.

The video is just among the other videos which show the almost the same cloudy scenarios. There are also clips that show mysterious cloud formations and lights in the atmosphere which gave people some other reasons to believe the other way.

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And as the viral video of the strange clouds roller, another video came out to explain this unusual event that happened in Morrocco.

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Source: www.mirror.co.uk/Videos from Marcel Coolio; TruthMediaFilms; GabeHastTV

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