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You Don’t Want To Mess Up With This Family. Meet Canada’s Strongest Arm Wrestling Family.

Our family is our greatest possession which for sure cannot be taken from us. The misunderstandings and the arguments may lead to conflicts but, at the end of the day a family can never be broken and heals on its own over time. Each member of the family may have differences but goes in one with blood.

Expect that in whatever situation you may are today or in the future, true family will never leave you behind and pull you up or push you forward. The family that sticks together live happily ever after.

But the family that shares the same thing are more likely to be exciting and thrilling. Among the family you know, this one will surely surprise you with their shared hobby. Like any other families, they may have arguments over different issues but they find joy over one common thing—arm wrestling.


The Kings family are surely kings when it comes to arm wrestling. This is the kind of family that no one should mess up with. Over the top of the family is the matriarch who have proven supremacy as a 13-times world champion. More than her, the family contains some more of the world’s greatest arm wrestlers.

What made each member go in one more than any other things is the traditional bar sport to which the family has devoted huge chunks of their lives. The three generations in the family have proven much that they are on top. Taking it up are Joyce’s daughter Jessica King, 28, and her granddaughter Josie King, 20.

The family which originated from Fredericton, Canada even proved that they are stronger not just in arm-wrestling but also in life’s challenges. Joyce just recovered from a nasty arm-break last year but this did not stop her, and now she’s back in the arena. While so creating a record for herself, Jessica is now a two-time world champion. While Josie, the full-time student, has already won two golds in Canada’s Arm Wrestling Championships.

More to them are other members who may not have reached the women’s surmount records but are also keen arm-wrestlers. Joyce’s son Cody King who is now 28 years old is already someone you couldn’t beat easily.

The grandchildren Hailey, Jaxson, who are both seven, Jacob, six and Jenika, three, are also showing potentials over their shared sports. Surely this family is hard to beat. Don’t ever mess up with one, surely the rest back would be stronger than what you expect.

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Video from Barcroft TV

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