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These African Kids See Flying Drone For The Very First Time…And Their Reactions Are Priceless.

Of all the kids around the world, African children may be the most unfortunate kids when it comes to education, shelter, foods, and humanitarian care. Most of the African children has been fighting hunger and malnutrition because of the lack of resources. More than the lack of water, foods are also limited to some parts of Africa.

While so, even those who have at least something to eat make sure they still have left for tomorrow or for the next day. Over the years, many aids would come from various private people and organizations extending help for shelter, livelihood, education, and importantly food, among others.

And as some slowly recovered from the great famine that happened in the middle of 2011 which hit across some parts of Africa, there are villages who had received longer term projects in rebuilding livelihoods making sure that the crisis would not happen again.

When you walk through around the villages in Africa, you would find children whom would you think they are younger but actually older than what you expected. Malnutrition is one of the major problems Africa is facing especially with regards to their young people and kids. Most kids were not getting enough in eating, as a result they are left years behind in their development. More than their physique, the malnutrition also affect their brain development and kids are more likely to fall behind schools—some don’t even go to school.

Most people in Africa are mindful on how to sustain their food security especially of the water. By this, if you are to ask them about any other things such as technology—-you might not get an answer from them especially from the kids you though have an idea about it. It was hard to see how these kids could ever catch up.

This, however, challenged Brandon Smith, a film maker, to visit a village in Africa and to give a special treat to the children. Zombo District of Northern Uganda is a peaceful place, expect the children to just roam around and helping their parents. But a day of change went that neither one of them expected to be as exciting as this.

Together with a non-profit organization that teaches children about hygiene and health, Smith brought with his drone that he often use in filmmaking. He never expected that the reactions of the children are going to be spectacular.

Smith instantly became a celebrity as numerous kids surrounded him while showing off his DJI Phantom 3 professional drone. As he started flying the drone, the children were both nervous and curious—more to that they are excited as they have never seen or even heard of flying drones before.

Smith shared that children loved it and they even asked more about it. Their reactions were just priceless.

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Video from Brandon Smith; Source: http://www.wsvn.com/

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