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Could Our Mind Exert Healing Powers Over Our Body? Here’s What Happens.

Thinking that our mind could exert healing powers over our body, you might think that this is associated with pseudoscience. But clearly, our mind and body work together against our experience of some physical ailments. While it is true that thinking positivism when you go through health risk could help you recover aside from taking medicines and medical methods, but to what extent really does the mind work for the healing of our body?

Do the mind really has the capacity to promote actual and physical body healing? This sounds really interesting thus urging some experts and scientists to find out really how much power does the mind have to heal the body.

Jo Marchant, an evidence-based reporter who has background in microbiology, spoke recently with Science of Us about the very real physiological and biochemical changes that can occur in the brain and body as a result of some totally fake treatments.

This idea could somehow be ridiculous to most especially when it comes to serious health conditions like having can3r or having broken their backs. In this case, it would almost be impossible for the mind to heal these.

Dr. Lissa Rankin wrote a book ‘Over Medicine’ which encourages everyone in helping themselves to heal whether they are battling a life-threatening illness, going through chronic health conditions, or experiencing nuisance symptoms that hinder them to enjoy the quality of life.

As someone who have been struggling for medical conditions, putting all the responsibilities to the doctors for your healing should not be taken always. While your body is your responsibility too, it is a must that you develop yourself the power to think for good and battle for survival. We have greater power over how our bodies operate. Just remember that nobody can influence your health and healing as much as you.

Dr. Rankin discovered that there was something missing in the health care she had been taught to practice. Something crucial. According to her, there should be a recognition of the body’s innate ability to self-repair and an appreciation for how we can control these self-healing mechanisms with the power of the mind.

In her research, she found evidence that the medical establishment had been proving that the body can heal itself for over 50 years. She added that the loneliness, pessimism, depression, fear and anxiety damage the body.

Read more at: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-22547/a-6-step-guide-to-radical-self-healing.html

She also suggested that having an intimate relationships, gratitude, meditation, and authentic self-expression could change our body thus promoting self-healing processes. She suggested important points in our lives that we need to rediscover and nurture, these include life-spiritual, creative, environment, nutrition, and our professional and personal relationships.

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