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Few People Knew That Eating Black-Spotted Bananas Are Good To Health – You Need To See This


If there is one fruit in the world that is loved by almost everyone, that is the banana. Bananas can be found in almost all parts of the world. It is being eaten as is or being part of certain desserts. Bananas are packed with different nutrients that makes it really beneficial to health.

But, like other fruits, these bananas can become overripe in just few days. Black spots are then developed in the peel making it less appealing to eat. But, did you know that there are lot of benefits you can get with black-spotted bananas?


Bananas are considered one of the superfruits and are a great source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed by the body.

According to Faithtap, overripe bananas can be providing more benefits like:

Boosting Energy:
The glycemic carbohydrates (good carbs), vitamins and minerals work together to provide you with endurance. Then, the potassium in the banana helps prevent muscle cramps to happen.

Calming Your Nerves & Halt PMS Symptoms:
Spotted banana can relax you. The B vitamins found in these kind of bananas, work to calm the nervous system and can improve your mood in a few minutes.

Easing Your Heartburn:
The anti-acid properties found in these bananas helps in fast relief from heartburn and acid reflux.

Food-Driven Thermostat:
Bananas can make you feel cooler after consuming a few. Better have this fruit during the summer time.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure:
The low sodium, but high in potassium content of spotted bananas can really promote a healthy heart condition.

Fighting Against Anemia:
The iron in spotted banana is enough for your daily dietary needs.

Soothing Your Ulcr$:
Banana’s soft texture can really help you in acid refluxes preventing heartburn and stomach aches.

Battling Depression:
Bananas contains tryptophan, a chemical our bodies can convert into serotonin instantly. Serotonin is “something that triggers our brains into becoming more relaxed, happy”.

Loosening Your Pipes:
The natural fiber packed in spotted bananas can really improve digestion. Thus, constipation can be relieved by eating a couple of this fruit.


Here’s a video explaining the benefits of eating black-spotted bananas.

Stay healthy, folks!

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