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He Put Some Chocolate Inside Cones And Make The Crispy, Cold And Mouth-watering Snack

There’s no better dessert than ice cream! Do you agree? Well, I bet you do. When you’re eating ice cream, you got the taste of the sweetness all over your mouth since it’s melting. Ice cream can be eaten solely and can also be a filling on sandwich.

At this time, we’ll be using ice cream to fill on some crispy cones. Byron Talbott shared his mouth-watering dessert he called ‘Ice Cream Cone Bites’ which is a combination of ice cream in a cone made crispier. Curious? Let’s watch him making it:

Wow! Looks terribly yummy! All you need are powdered sugar, all purpose flour, unsalted butter, egg whites, vanilla extract, salt, melted dark chocolate and of course soft ice cream. After that, you’ll have your cold and crispy snack!

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