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Could The Plants Actually Grow On Martian Lands? Scientists Manage To Grow These Plants On ‘Martian Soil.’

Mars is close to our very own planet which is the earth. And while there are possibilities that the Planet Mars could be the next earth that could support life, scientists continue to study these possibilities and eventually test if it is really possible for a life to exist in such environment.

In the present, our technology-powered explorer have already visited the Mars for observations and some of the detailed results of the continuing studies are yet published.

In the move ‘The Martian,’ the character played by Matt Damon who is also a botanist managed to grow a potatoes in order to survive while waiting for the rescue response from the NASA. But in reality, could this speak possibility?

Interestingly, yes, it is possible to grow plants on Martian lands. While there are no elements present in the Martian soil which are needed to support a plant life, Andy Weir inflicted that in the absence of bunch of nutrients and biological materials that plants rely on to grow—an addition of biological material into Martian soil could actually help.

Andi Weir wrote the novel on which the movie was based. Writing it, he admitted that it has to be scientifically accurate as possible. The character in the movie used the only spare biological material he has to the Martian soil to support the life of the plant. The astronaut poop was much helpful.

But according to scientists, the Martian soil has perchlorates which could be harmful to the human body. While so if the plant manages to grow, perchlorates would make the plant toxic. But they added that the solution is just simple as washing the soil first with water to illuminate the substance.

But earlier, researchers from Netherlands have already planted fourteen different plants species in a simulated Martian and lunar soils. The researchers obtained the same simulated Martian and lunar soils from NASA for an experiment. The results of their research revealed that roughly 65% of the plants grew in Martian soil and crop species were the most successful. At the end of the study, 80% of the tomato, rye, carrot and garden cress managed to grow in Martian soil even producing leaves and flowers.

Potentially needing water and fertilizer, the results of the study support the intriguing possibility that we could grow plants of Mars. However, for researchers, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered and that more research should be conducted to support this.

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Source: http://modernfarmer.com/; Video from RT

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