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You Think You Got The Best Sound System? Think About It After Seeing This.

People love music. Whatever genre it could be, we could say music has been part of individual’s life. When someone is bored, he would turn on his music player and play his play list.

We would even love to party to enjoy music in a louder way. But if you think going to disco and hearing the loud thuds and beats on the big speakers is enough, then you must be wondering how it would feel like to be in front of this wall.

Well this is not just a wall. China is known for their great walls made of bricks, but this wall is not made of bricks. It is simply made of speakers that could blow you away with every beat coming from it.

This sounds exciting but it is even more intense to be in front standing. Notice the girl’s hair as every beat drops. Man, this is cool!

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H/T: Best Video

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