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This Woman Sets World Record With The Farthest Tightrope Walk……In Heels.

For some women, walking in high heels seem to be a challenge that they would willingly survive. Those who are not used at wearing high heels are most likely to struggle through walking with it with grace and poise as to make sure they look comfortable.


Over the years, high heels have become the symbol that represents women. High heels can definitely be a girls’ best buddy helping her stand confidently taller and slimmer. However, girls are very particular that walking in high heels can be a little tricky as one’s balance could be compromised especially if she is not used to it.

However, Oxana Seroshtan is just among the women who can perfectly maneuver her shoes with high heels on stage. What make her different though from super models who seemed very graceful while wearing sky-high heels is her ability to walk with it not in ramp bit in tightrope.

That must start blowing your mind already. This talented artists is taking the challenge in setting a record for the farthest tightrope walk not with bare feet but in high heels. As if walking along a razor-thin rope isn’t tricky enough, Oxana will compete the distance by walking 7.5 meter along the tightrope.

Farthest tightrope walk in high heels - side view

Just when you think that is enough for her, she will be turning around and pace back to the start in this very daring act that could either make or break her.

Oxana will try to topple the previous record set by an Australian woman who also did the same act while wearing stilettos. On the set of Lo Show de Record in Milan, Italy, the determined lady graces the crowd with her stunning act that is dropping their jaws. While so as not to compromise safety, Oxana chooses a fan in one hand to aid her balance during the nail-biting act.

And while walking in heels is not a game or a thing you play with as it might swell your feet, Oxana have to do a lot of rehearsals before the act to make sure she could bag the record. As she slowly walks through the rope, Oxana becomes comfortable in what seems very risky act.

And trying to walk normally as possible in her high heels while walking on the rope, Oxana continues to amaze her audience with her daring talent while gracefully and smoothly showing it off.

Oxana graduated a special class in tight wire dancing or rope dancing and was trained as circus artist which paved way for her to perform in various places. In the summer of 2012, Oxana was chosen as one of the 20 international artists to perform during the 1st International Circus Festibal in Rio de Janeiro.

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Video from Guinness World Records

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